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Quality Care

Educational Assesssment

Psychoeducational assessments measures the client’s intellectual or cognitive abilities and educational achievement levels. It also yields recommendations relevant for educational planning. Sources of assessment data include:


  • Background information 

  • Educational history

  • Records and data from tests of intelligence and educational achievement

  • Rating tests of attention, behavior/emotions, and adaptive behavior


Psychoeducational assessment is designed to answer these questions:


  • Does the client have a learning disability?

  • Does the client have an intellectual disability?

  • Does the client have attentional problems?

  • What are the client’s academic and cognitive abilities, strengths, and weaknesses?

  • What are appropriate educational recommendations? Accommodations?

  • Does the client meet criteria for identification as gifted?


While learning, not emotional problems, is the focus of psychoeducational assessment, behavior/emotional and medical issues may need to be addressed in a psychoeducational assessment. Compiling, integrating, and analyzing all assessment data yield educational and other relevant recommendations. 

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